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Savory Tea Sandwiches

Our savory salmon canape garnished with fresh garden grown parsley. Assorted  Display of fancy tea sandwiches filled with cucumber and chives, prosciutto and avocado, and curry chicken salad.    Vegetable cream cheese, Olive tapenade, Tomato and Feta, Egg Salad and Asparagus or Tuna Salad round out some of our selection included in our 6 course high tea......depending on the day....

Silver and Scones

Silver and Scones Plain and Fancy - These tea biscuits are coupled with Devonshire cream, Lemon curd and imported homemade fruit preserves from Annette's Farms.   Scones can be plain or filled with fruit and nuts.


To end the Tea...a fine selection of pastries.  Enjoy!

Beary Nice English High Tea

Celebrate your birthday with some special friends Strawberry and Cream, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches along with lemonade or Hot cream Tea.....Birthday Desserts like Brownies or Cupcakes Fruited Water Bring your American Girl with you to tea... Beary Nice Tea Party ..Wear your party dress and bring your favorite friends and teddy for tea!! Make a craft to take along..Play some Games .Learn all about High Tea Ettiquette. .20  GUESTS MIN.